The name of this file is taken from the value of the shell variable INPUTRC. If that variable is unset, the default is ~/.inputrc. If that file does not exist or cannot be read, the ultimate default is /etc/inputrc. The bind builtin command can also be used to set Readline keybindings and variables. From Readline initialization file (Bash).

In addition, the C-x C-r command re-reads this init file, thus incorporating any changes that you might have made to it.

# .inputrc - Readline initialization file

set editing-mode		emacs
set bell-style			audible
set input-meta			on
set convert-meta		off
set output-meta			on
set expand-tilde		off
set completion-ignore-case	on
set show-all-if-ambiguous	on
set visible-stats		on
set blink-matching-paren	on
set mark-symlinked-directories	on

These keyboard macros autocompletes () [] {} '' "" ``.

# Keyboard macros